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Shanta Noir - Natural Ambient Music - Band
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  Shanta Noir  - photo by: j. ric urban

As a musician Shanta Noir is as innovative as he is versatile: he is a producer, composer and a multicultural bridge builder, a European pioneer of the didgeridoo, a percussionist, a bassist, someone who likes to fiddle with sound and work in the studio.

He had played in a number of bands and can be heard on several CDs.
He teaches how to play the didgeridoo, organizes school projects, works both with people from industry as well as with socially disadvantaged youth. He imports and distributes indigenous instruments: Infos

In live performances Shanta plays energetic percussive didgeridoo, bass, percussion and provides the electronic setup. With the Face Bass, a seismic sound pick-up system, which scans resonances in the oral cavity, he produces with the didgeridoo and his voice his distinctive archaic-futuristic sound.




Gerhard Kero

Gerhard Kero  - photo by: michael winkelmann

In the language of the Bamana, the special ethnic group native to West Africa who created the today very popular Djembe and its music, the verb fo means basically "to speak". So we would translate djembe fo as "to play the djembe", although a literal translation would be "to speak the djembe". This way of expressing implies that the player actually speaks through the instrument and – ideally – also has something to say.

Gerhard Kero is just such a person. When he "speaks" djembe, he does it in a very clear and distinct way, unpretentious, groovy and very danceable. Noisy superficiality and musical smalltalk do not belong to his repertoire. He draws sounds out of his drum that can only arise from a long and passionate acquaintance with the instrument and, in doing so, he goes far beyond the realm of traditional performance practice. Even so, one can still sense his deep love for the percussion of the Malinke: again and again, he quotes traditional phrases, dances around them, transforms them, moves away from them and returns.

Gerhard Kero acquired his extensive spectrum of music experience among other things through years of travel to countries outside of Europe where he studied the music of different cultures. Of all these travels, the twelve winters he spent in West Africa had the largest influence on his musical development. His stage presence and experience range from world music to experimental jazz. If you listen to any of his numerous CDs with one of his different formations like Sanza or Phoenix Percussion Project however, it becomes immediately clear that his heart beats faster for African grooves.With his well-received solo CD Kero/Mono, he showed the courage to take on a project no one thought could be done, namely to record an entire CD playing only a jembe.

Most important instruments: congas, bongos, jembe, darabukka, frame drums, berimbao, dunduns, krin, Jew’s harp, water drum, talking drum, hang.

Gerhard Kero is running the beatfactory, Austrias famous percussion school in Vienna. He developed dasimtakteteam, a concept for enterprises and
organisations - team building through drums - community through rhythm and publishes a special audioworkshopseries called djembespielenlernen.




  Heinz Wolfsbauer  - photo by: andreas altmann  

Heinz Wolfsbauer

Heinz Wolfsbauer is an exceptionally gifted multi-instrumentalist and performer.

He had played in numerous bands and can be heard on various CDs. He composes music for the theatre and is himself a creditable actor. He works with music as therapy for disadvantaged people, as a fire artist and teaches percussion.

In the live lineup he plays tenor and soprano saxophon, transverse flute, whistle and other ethnic flutes. as well as percussion instruments.





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